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Crossdressers may not wear
strapless dresses.


We produce the documents that the Federal Court requires for your Chapter 7 filing. From the very beginning of the process we will sit down with you and do a financial evaluation, so that you will obtain an understanding of your current situation, and then you can be better able to make an informed decision on whether to file bankruptcy. This will also aid you in navigating the court requirements for bankruptcy counseling, saving you valuable time and money.

We not only come to you with many years of experience in Bankruptcy processing, but we also have an understanding of household finances. By combining these two areas we can help you to streamline your process, as well eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with this kind of action.

"As a debt relief agency, we have helped many people get relief from their debts through Title 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

To get more information, you can contact A Better Florida Service at the phone numbers below:

Lakeland - 863-686-5888
St Pete - 727 -896-9212
Tampa - 813-288-8790